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Site statistics

Our site statistics package doesn't just tell you how many people have visited your website. It also lets you know

  • which pages they viewed
  • which pages they came in on
  • which pages they left from
  • how long they stayed on the site
  • which web pages they came from
  • what phrases they searched to find you

To see how our the Matrixstats package works, take a look at the statistics for our children's book review site. We've set these to open access but, if you like, yours can be password protected.

Matrixstats can also be set to provide a summary of the information by email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Unfortunately some ISPs and filters block these emails because they are misconstrued as spam so we can't guarantee this will always work.

You can see from the stats that the number of hits is much greater than the number of page views. That's because a hit is any file downloaded to your computer but each page usually consists of several files, especially if it contains pictures.

Page Counters
We don't supply page counters on sites that we host. This is because:

  • Page counters can look amateur, especially if the numbers are low
  • Page counters only give very limited information so are not as useful as a proper statistics package.