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Slide shows

Our slide shows allow you to put as many pictures as you like into an ordered sequence. Each picture is accompanied by a title and a section of text that can be as long or as short as you like.

Users can step through the slide show at their own pace or, by pressing the auto button, allow the slide to update itself every few seconds.

You upload the pictures from your PC and, at the same time, you supply the desciption and longer caption. You can edit these, as well as the sequence postion, at any time. If you decide you want a different picture, you just delete it and provide an alternative.

Pictures must be jpgs - i.e. the sort that you get from digital cameras. They can be of any size but if they are larger than those in the example below, they are reduced to that size. This smaller size means they appear quickly, even on slow connections.

You can use the slideshow for any images but it is particularly useful when illustrating a simple story, sequence of events or set of instructions. This example doesn't have a single theme -just (slightly) interesting pictures and snippets that I fancied putting on the web. Some of them make more sense if you know that you Diana is a children's writer.

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