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You can make your site more interactive with a multiple choice quiz like the one below highlighted in cream. You can provide any number of questions and change them at any time.

This quiz is live so you can answer the questions and see what happens

You can find all the answers somewhere on this website
1) Web Pages
   are equivalent to A4 pages on paper
   are unlimited in length and width
   must fit within a standard computer screen
2) The number of so called 'web safe' colours is
3) Search engines
   Always charge to register your site
   Never charge to register your site
   Might charge to register your site, depending on the search engine.
4) Which of these is not a standard colour scheme offered by Wordpool design?
   blue on yellow
   light blue on dark blue
   green on cream

If you don't want to get involved with the technical side of your website, you can pay us to make any changes to the quiz for you (in which case you don't need to read the rest of this page).

If you would prefer to control the quiz yourself, you can opt for a DIY system which allows you to change the questions and answers whenever you like. To see how this works, click here to open the features control window and click 'demoQuiz' in the quiz section.

The general section allows you to write a simple introduction to the quiz and choose the text that you'd like to appear on the 'answers' button at the bottom of the quiz.

Questions and Answers
The question and answers section allows you to edit the questions and change the answers. Note that the underline in question 4 is produced with the use of the HTML <u>...</u> tags. In fact the questions are inserted into the web page as HTML so you can use any valid tags. However you will probably limit yourself to the obvious text tags:

<b>...</b> =bold
<i>...</i> =italic
<u>...</u> =underline

You can insert a new question anywhere by clicking the appropriate Insert new question button and you can delete a question by clicking its Delete this question button.

As you create and delete questions, the number of questions in the score section is automatically kept up to date. When you have finished the questions, you need to include the various responses that you'd like to make to the various score bands which are also under your control. If you have fewer than 4 questions, the bands for 4 or more are ignored.