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Updating your site

However carefully you plan your website, you are sure to want to update it after a while. You'll probably want to add details of new books, reviews of existing ones and change information that's gone out of date. You may also want to extend your site, adding new pages, articles or interactive features like polls and quizzes.

So, how should you keep your site up to date?

We offer several solutions targeted at different customers with different requirements and are happy for you to mix and match these systems to suit your requirements.

Paid-for updates
DIY sections
Full control

Paid-for updates
This is the easiest solution if you only update infrequently and don't have the time or confidence to tackle the technical side of your website. When you want a change to your site, you tell us what you want done. We give you a price in advance based on the work involved and, if you are happy, we go ahead and make the changes for you.

The bigger the change, the greater the cost. However, we have a minimum charge of £15 so it's worth saving up several small changes to do at once. As a guide, the charge for adding the blurb, cover picture and Amazon link for a new book to an existing page would be £25.

DIY sections
DIY sections (see DIY page) are ideal for customers who want to make frequent text only adjustments to predefined areas of their site. DIY sections can also be used for blogging (weB LOGGING) for those who feel an online diary is a must.

Of course, using DIY sections doesn't preclude using paid-for updates as well.

The advantages of DIY sections are

  • No special software
  • Negligible learning curve
  • Instant updates
  • Known (low) costs

On the down side, you are very limited in your control of the appearance of the text and you can only update those areas you have predefined as DIY sections.

Full Control
There are two options here, if you have traditionally buikt site, we will give you your FTP login name and password so that you can carry out any changes you like.

To do this, you'll need some kind of web editing software. There are various alternatives to choose from, some of which are free. We recommend that you ask around and look on the web for reviews to help you choose. This isn't something we get involved with.

If we know from the beginning that you wish to maintain the site yourself, we can design and build it to make updating as easy as possible.

Even if you opt to maintain your site yourself, you are welcome to use our paid-for service for anything you find too technically difficult and to sort things out if you make mistakes or are just too busy.

The second option is Wordpress - see our Wordress page.