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Do-It-Yourself lists of links

If you have a list of links to other websites, it's important to keep it up to date. If you're likely to add or change links quite frequently, you'll probably find our DIY links system a cost effective solution. This puts you in control, allowing you to add new links or change old ones at any time without the need to involve us or use special software. You can see a DIY links section below, highlighted in cream.

List of useful web sites.

Web sites for children's author's
 http://www.wordpool.co.uk (a site for children's book writers)
 http://www.ukchildrensbooks.co.uk (a directory site)
 http://www.dianakimpton.co.uk (Diana's own site)

Web Site design sites
 http://www.wordpooldesign.co.uk (this site)


The colours of the links will follow the convention of your site - here they use the colours of this page. You can choose whether the active link is the name of the site or its address. You can also add sub-headings and descriptions if you wish.

Click here here to open the DIY control window to see the system in action. In the Links List section, click on "demo" to open the demo links list.

The rules for constructing the links are given above the edit box. Note that any new-line characters at the start or end of the leading and (optional) trailing text sections, are thrown away so you can use new lines to lay out the file neatly.

If the displayed URLs are very long, you may find that the browser breaks the leading text at an awkward point. You can overcome this by ending the leading text with


This will put the leading text on one line with the URL link indented on the next line.

When your list is complete, you just type in your password and press the submit button.