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Word Pool Features

We offer a range of special features you can use to add extra interest to your website. In addition to those listed here, we're happy to develop custom solutions to bring your own ideas to life.

DIY text sections
Text only sections updateable by you at any time. No special software or skill needed.

DIY link sections
Text only sections designed to create lists of hyperlinks. Updatable by you at any time. No special software or skill needed.

Random pictures
A different picture (with or without a caption) - every time the user comes to the section.

A neat way to present a set of pictures that help tell a story

Thoughts for the day.
A different thought or quote every day (max 365).

Multiple choice interactive quizzes for visitors to tackle on screen.

Slide Puzzle
An on screen version of the 4x4 tile sliding puzzle with your choice of picture

Each poll consists of a question with 5 possible responses. When the user votes, the accumulated results are updated so that he can see his impact.

Interactive wordsearches that can be completed on screen. Complete with help for those who get stuck.

PDF files
We can create Adobe PDF files from your Microsoft Word originals, preservinng the original layout and appearance.

Email techniques
How to allow users to contact you easily without making your email address an obvious target for spammers.

Site statistics
These don't just tell you how many people visit your site. It also lets you know which pages they looked at, how long they stayed and much more.