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Frequently Asked Questions

How much text can I have on a page?
As much as you like. Pages on the web grow to fit their content so, in theory, you could put the whole of War and Peace on one page. But no one would read it. Generally speaking, we recommend that you don't put more than 1000 words on a page unless there is a very good reason (maybe because it's the first chapter of your novel or a particularly long and interesting article).

How do I give you the text and the pictures?
We need both the text and the pictures in electronic form. For text, the easiest way is to send it as an email attachment or in the body of an email. If you have access to a scanner, you can also email the pictures as an attachment. If you can't scan the pictures yourself, we can do it for you for a small charge but please don't send us irreplaceable original artwork as our nerves can't take the responsibility.

Can you supply suitable pictures for me?
We have a large library of clip art so, if you tell us what you want, we'll do our best to include suitable drawings or photos at no extra charge.

Can you help with the text?
We don't write the text for you, but we're happy to give you feedback on what you've written, if you wish. Sometimes an outside eye can spot details you've missed or haven't made clear.. (For more information on writing for the web, see our content hints and tips.)

Do you arrange copyright clearance for the pictures and book extracts?
Any pictures we supply are royalty free. It's your responsibility to make sure you have permission to use any pictures and text you supply yourself. We may ask you to verify this if we are concerned about any particular item, as we are keen to avoid infringing the copyright laws we all depend on for our livelihoods.

Can people copy the work I put on my site?
Some people still consider the Internet a copyright-free zone so there is always a risk that your writing or pictures could be copied. But that is equally true of everything you have published in print as there is always the chance of it being photocopied or scanned into a computer and distributed. If you are worried about this, we suggest you put a copyright declaration on your site plus a note telling people how to contact you for permission if they want to use anything. In our experience, people are less likely to take work illegally if there is a simple legal route available.

Who owns the completed site?
You do, although you don't own the copyright on our design, on any pictures supplied by us or on any software incorporated into the site. You can move your site to another host server at any time if you wish and we'll do our best to help, although we can't guarantee that all the code will work on the new server.

Can I change the content of my site after it goes live?
One of the delights of the internet is that nothing is set in stone, so you can change and expand your site as time goes by. For more information on this, visit our section on updating your site.

Are there any restrictions on what I can put on my site?
Only the obvious ones. We don't build or host sites containing what is euphemistically called ' adult material' or which break the law. As a result, you mustn't put anything on your site or in emails or newsletters using our services which is defamatory, libelous, pornographic, likely to induce racial hatred or in breach of copyright. You must also not indulge in spamming (sending lots of unsolicited emails).(for more information, see our Terms and Conditions)

If you are a children's author, please be aware of the need to keep youngsters safe online and be careful about using words which may get your site banned by net nanny software. You will also need permission from parents before you put pictures of children on your site.

Are there any restrictions on the size of my site?
Your annual hosting fee gives you unlimited disc space so your site can be as large as you like. It also provides up to 1GB of bandwidth a month. (Bandwidth measures the amount of access to your site.) This should be ample unless you are a top name author or illustrator with a huge following of fans or you have masses of graphics on your site. Don't worry - you don't get cut off if you exceed the limit, but we may ask you to pay a higher fee.

If I use your email forwarding service, do I still need the ordinary email account from my Internet Service Provider?
Yes. When someone sends an email to your website address, the system automatically forwards it to your ordinary email address. (No one reads it on the way.) If you wish, you can set up your email program to use your website address as your reply address. We'll do our best to help if you are not sure how to do this.

Does email forwarding slow down messages?
Not noticeably. We use it all the time ourselves and find it works extremely well.

What if I change my Internet Service Provider?
Just tell us and we will change your email forwarding free of charge. You can even opt to have your mail sent to two different email addresses if you like. If you prefer to be independent, we can give you your own control panel so you set up your email addresses yourself.

Do you guarantee that my site will always be available?
The Internet sometimes develops fault and all servers need servicing occasionally, so no web hosting service guarantees 100% uptime. However we buy our space from an extremely efficient company that provides an excellent level of service on very fast servers. We use them ourselves and recommend them with confidence.

Do I have to pay in advance for you to build my site?
No. When we have your order in writing, we will build your site and put it on a test location for you to see. You only pay when you are satisfied. Your site will go live as soon as we have received your money.