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Pirate pictureOn this page, we've put Robert Louis Stevenson's name in a standard font. We can use a different one for your name, if you prefer.

If you're really looking for information on RLS, you'll find plenty at http://www.unibg.it/rls/rls.htm.

Page Layout
Each page of our standard design is a table of three columns and two rows.
On this page, RLS's portrait is in the left hand top cell, the graphical navigation buttons are in the cell underneath, the main title is in the middle column top row, this text and the pirate picture are in the lower row of the middle column. Both rows of the right hand column are empty.

The left hand and middle columns will always be this width -chosen for ease of reading. The right hand column starts off a little narrower than the left hand column but expands to fit whatever size screen the reader is using! If the screen is too small to fit the page (or if the viewing window is only part of the screen) the reader has to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the right hand column. That's why we chose to leave it empty but you don't have to.

We've put the RLS portrait in the same position on each page to give a feeling of continuity to the site but you can tell us how you would like your pages to be arranged. Duplicated pictures only count as one of the six allowed.

You can also choose one of your pictures to be a more elaborate title. Your signature might work well if it is sufficently legible.

Pictures can be mixed with text either like this or like this -OK for very small pictures, or they will be left or right aligned like the pirate. On a budget site, we can't make text flow around pictures that are not at the side of a column. Centralised pictures, like the steam engine on the poems page, are easy because they are not actually in the flow of text.

Last but by no means least, we repeat the navigation links at the bottom of each page so visitors don't have to scroll back to the top to find the buttons.

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